POWER HOUR (now offering Adult and Youth age 11+):

  • Power Hour is a strength oriented group program. It is for anyone looking to feel empowered, stronger and more fit. Whether you wish to work on lagging areas to improve your overall health, or you want to train for a specific strength based sport, this group is for you. Each participant will have a program, designed specifically for them, that will be adjusted on an ongoing basis to meet their individual needs, level of strength, and experience. There will be a heavy focus on technical mastery of lifts to promote injury prevention and to make sure each participant gets the most out of their experience.

    • ADULT: February-April 2024
    • Monday and Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm
    • registration@getcronkd.ca

    • YOUTH: January-March 2024
    • Tuesday and/or Thursday 4pm-4:45pm
    • T-shirt included with registration
    • registration@getcronkd.ca


  • Sessions will be low impact with a focus on building strength in movements done during activities of daily living. All of the exercises can be modified as necessary based on mobility/strength level. We will be working mostly with body weight unless participants require the extra challenge of adding weights to their exercises.

    • January-March 2024
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday 11am-11:45am
    • Tuesday 8pm-8:45pm & Saturday 10:00am-10:45am
    • Cost between $12 and $17 per session + tax - contact for exact pricing
    • registration@getcronkd.ca


  • This class presents a wonderful opportunity to get out and have some fun with other new moms OR dads in a safe and welcoming space. And as an added bonus, you get to workout with the cutest training partners on the planet. Sessions will focus on building overall body strength using various training techniques and tools. Participants will have the option of using their own body weight, free weights, or their baby as the weight. 

    • Registration monthly
    • Tuesday and/or Thursday 10:00am-10:45am
    • registration@getcronkd.ca

YOUTH FITNESS (age 7-12):

  • The program focuses on developing an understanding of basic fitness and how to move properly. The goal for this program is to develop confidence and self efficacy in a gym/fitness setting while having fun! Sessions are guaranteed to get kids moving in fun and safe ways. Programs to be delivered through a variety of modalities such as interval training and fitness games using bodyweight and small equipment.​
    • January-March 2024
    • Tuesday and/or Thursday 5pm - 5:45pm

    • T-shirt included with registration

    • registation@getcronkd.ca

Specialty Programming

  • ​Program registration remains open providing spaces are available.
  • Minimum 4 participants required for each program.
  • All programs are non-refundable.