Policies and FAQ


  1. Can I have a refund for my package?
    • To ensure fairness to all past, current, and future clients we do not, for any reason, offer refunds for any sessions or packages. Packages can however be sold and transferred by you to another person; or you can make arrangements to have the amount credited toward another service/program offered at Get Cronk’d Fitness Studio.
  2. What forms of payment do you accept?
    • We accept cash, cheque, debit, credit card and e-transfer (preferred).
  3. What is your Group Fitness/S3 Hybrid cancellation policy?
    • We require 12 hours advance notice for class cancellation. Cancellations are done through Mindbody. Individuals who late cancellation and no show will be charged in full for their session. Clients without packages that have not pre-paid or those with unlimited packages will be charged an administration fee of $10. Click HERE to visit Mindbody.
  4. What is your Personal Training cancellation policy?
    • We require 24 hours advance notice for session cancellations. Cancellations are done through your trainer or by contacting the studio. Late cancellations and no shows will be charged in full for their session.
  5. Do you offer payment plans?
    • Yes, we do offer payment plans for Personal Training, however, a $10 administrative fee will be added to each payment. Your credit card information will be stored in the Square, which is a secure, encrypted payment system. Together we will create a payment plan that will be pre-programmed into Square. This will allow your payments to be automatically processed on each of the predetermined dates. You will receive a minimum of 24 hours notice to remind you that your payment is being processed. 
  6. What happens if I am in the middle of a payment plan and decide I do not want to continue my Personal Training?
    • Payment plans will be completed as per the agreement between the client and the studio. If the client does not want to complete the package as per the training agreement, the payments will continue to be withdrawn until the completion of the agreement. The client can pay out the amount owing per session to cancel the payment plan (price difference between sessions to bring cost per session down to smaller package size) or the client can transfer the payment plan and remaining sessions to another person.
  7. There are multiple people in our household interested in training. Are we able to split a package?
    • All clients must have their own package for Group Fitness/S3 Hybrid and Personal Training.
  8. What happens if the business is forced to close again (COVID-19) and I have not finished my Personal Training or Group Training package(s)?
    • In the event of a business closure due to circumstances beyond our control, all training packages will be put on hold until we are able to make safe and acceptable arrangements to return to training.
  9. What happens if the business is forced to close again (COVID-19) and our Specialty Training Program (Fit4Life, Parent & Baby, Youth Fitness) is not complete?
    • In the event of a business closure due to circumstances beyond our control, all Specialty Programs will be put on hold until we are able to make safe and acceptable arrangements to return to training. Once training can resume, clients will be contacted and made aware of the new training dates. Dates and times may be shifted around slightly due to restrictions placed on the business by higher authorities.

Personal Training:

  1. How do I get started with Personal Training?
    • We usually start all Personal Training relationships with an initial consultation. The goal coming out of the consultation is that we have a better understanding of who you are, where you are coming from, and what you would like to achieve. It also gives us a chance to tell you our story, how we like to design/run programs, and how we can help you. We do our best to book your consultation with the trainer most likely able to book you into their schedule so you can start building your training relationship right away.
  2. Are we assigned a Personal Trainer?
    • It is our preference that you are matched with one trainer for all your sessions, however we do have a few clients that are scheduled in with two in order to match their availability. Our team is very good at sorting out shared clients so that we are all working together synergistically toward one common goal. 
  3. When I sign up for Personal Training do I get a set training schedule?
    • We like routine and most of our clients achieve better results if they too have a routine. The majority, of our clients are booked repetitively for same days/times week to week to ensure we have a space for them. We do have the occasional client who floats around in the schedule and fills any holes there may be during the week however spaces are not guaranteed for those not booked into a specific time slot.
  4. Will my time slot continue to be reserved for me if I take time off from training or if I early cancel regularly?
    • Clients taking a leave of absence must set a ‘return to training’ date. If the date is changed more than one time, they will forfeit their spot in the schedule. Clients who early cancel 4+ times in a month will be contacted about forfeiting their training time. We understand that this may sound harsh however if spaces are reserved for clients who are frequently not attending their training times our team cannot train other people who are on a waiting list.
  5. What happens if I sign up with a Personal Trainer and they leave the studio before my package is complete?
    • When you sign up for training, although we will do what we can to honour specific trainer requests, you are signing up with Get Cronk'd Fitness Studio. We are always sad to see a trainer go however life is unpredictable. We will do our best to get you started with another equally qualified trainer as soon as possible to continue your training.
  6. I am interested in Semi-Private Training, do I find my own partner?
    • For the Semi-Private sessions, most people come to us with their "group" already sorted out. The odd time we have advertised for partners for someone but there is no guarantee people will necessarily get along well. We haven't had any partnerships go "wrong" to date, but it must be understood that some people are better matches than others for obvious reasons.