We believe that physical activity should be accessible to everyone. We will provide you with the opportunity to become part of our unique, welcoming and unintimidating fitness community. If you are striving to improve your quality of life, and increase your confidence, energy and strength through physical activity, our studio will be your hub for experienced exercise coaching, food and nutrition guidance, and access to additional wellness services.

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercise are immeasurable. For many, oftentimes barriers such as fear of the unknown or lack of self confidence, among other things, seem insurmountable. These are a few reasons why many people never have the courage to enter a gym environment, or to follow through with their health and fitness aspirations. At our studio, we take pride in helping you chip away at these barriers.

It is our mission to celebrate all victories, big or small, and provide our clients with the motivation, knowledge and tools required to make the best choices possible for the betterment of their health and lifestyle. We truly understand that the health and wellness of an individual goes far beyond the scale. We want to help you become to best version of yourself!

Commit to get fit... Get Cronk'd!!!

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North Grenville Chamber of Commerce Banquet

- 2020 New Business of the Year

- 2019 Community Appreciation

- 2018 Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Municipality of North Grenville

- 2022 Civic Award for Health and Wellness

Readers' Choice Awards

- 2021 Diamond awards for Fitness Club, Business that Gives to Community, Overall Health/Wellness/Fitness, and Employer. Diamond and Platinum awards for Fitness Instructor/Trainer, Personal Trainer, and Bootcamp. 

- 2020 Diamond awards for Fitness Club and Personal Training.

- 2019 Diamond and Platinum awards for Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Fitness Club, Personal Training, Boot Camp, New Business, and Business that Gives to Community.
- 2018 Diamond and Platinum awards for Personal Trainer and Fitness Studio.
- 2017 Diamond awards for Fitness Studio and Fitness Classes.