I'm very excited to continue getting "Cronked"... ! Highly recommend joining Rebecca and Becky. You ladies have created a very unique positive environment that makes one feel like they are part of a fitness community. The continuous encouragement and helpful hints keep me coming back for more. Since starting with you back in January I have seen a huge difference in my health and wellness . Increasing my visits to 3-4 times a week have given me the boost I needed to see the results I was aiming for. So looking forward to your new class schedule in September!

~ Susanne Flynn

My husband and I have been training with Rebecca for almost 6 months and simply, with her help we achieved our goal of climbing a volcano, the most challenging hike we’ve ever done. And now we must be gluttons for punishment because we continue going to her for 2 on 1 training sessions every week even after reaching our training goal. 

Rebecca makes every session challenging and somehow fun all while ensuring that our technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I thoroughly enjoy working out in the private environment as well as the group sessions, and would recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

~ Terri McIlvenna

I have been training with Rebecca through a combo of one on one session and groups classes since Get Cronk'd opened in January. I have seen huge improvements in both my strength and endurance. As a mom of 2 very active young boys, as well as a volunteer firefighter I was looking for functional workouts that would improve my overall fitness and health...and I definitely found them! Rebecca brings her passion for her work to every workout and her encouragement and motivational support is second to none. Get Cronk'd has been a fantastic addition to Kemptville and I encourage anyone wanting to get fit to check it out!!!

~ Laura Dangerfield

I've been working with Rebecca for 4 weeks and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Rebecca is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Rebecca will lead you every step of the way.
Thank you Rebecca you are the best!

~ Silvia Givoque

I only wish you knew how inspirational you are in my life and in many others... I am so proud to say you are my trainer... my friend. Truth being that I never wanted a trainer... figured I could always do it on my own and the difference you made in my life and my workouts are unreal! You changed me and made my body and my mind what it is today.

Thank you for opening up my small recluse world, my friend. Whatever you choose to do in your life you will shine and inspire the world one client at a time... what a gift you have, my friend!!! I wish you well with your future adventures Rebecca. Continue to shine as you do and smile that great big contagious smile every chance you get! YOU are a rockstar in its truest finest form!!

~ Kathryn Gough


When you look to promote a product or a service, the general line is to talk up its functions, and maybe give a nod to its features as well. Now I could try and sell you on Rebecca’s functions as a personal trainer, her knowledge of muscle groups and routine structure, her technical expertise etc, but I believe those qualities speak for themselves. I’d like to talk to you about her through the eyes of a client who hates exercising and continues to do so anyway thanks to my personal trainer Rebecca. 

Rebecca’s ability to connect on a personal level with her clients is remarkable. She listens and learns about the lives and interests of her clients and engages them in a comfortable, friendly, and professional manner that immediately puts them at ease. Rebecca has shown me patience on my bad days, and has pushed me to my limits on my best of days. Her rousing disposition combined with a genuine desire to see others lift themselves to greater heights makes Rebecca, in my opinion, an invaluable asset to any fitness organization.

I can honestly say that had Rebecca not been my trainer I would not have lasted longer than 3 months following an exercise routine, but with her kind and often comical motivation I have found that going to the gym can be a worthwhile experience, even if I still do hobble away from leg day wondering if I will be physically capable of performing my job that afternoon. 

In short, since I am not much or a wordsmith, if you are reading this then you are considering Rebecca Cronk for a position as a Personal Trainer and I am telling you that if you do not hire her, I think you are making a mistake.

~ Thomas McGregor


In the last year, I’ve worked out with 7 different trainers, including Rebecca. She is simply THE best. What sets her apart is her ability to quickly adapt my routine to whatever I need – whether it’s because of injury, or just personal preference – Rebecca can easily roll with the punches and still come up smiling. She is energetic and her work-outs are fast-paced, no-nonsense, and challenging. I’ve seen a big difference in the shape of my body and my level of strength since I’ve started working out with her.

~ Jasmin E.


Rebecca and I met for our first personal training session in November 2015. To be honest, I didn't even think I would like working with a trainer, preferring solo workouts with my headphones on. When we started working together, I was in the early stages of a severe depression, and shortly after was diagnosed with PTSD and chronic anxiety. Normally, I wouldn't have talked about this with a personal trainer. However, Rebecca has a certain warmth to her that makes it easy to talk to her. There were some days where panic attacks prevented me from leaving the house. On those days where we were supposed to meet, she understood, and I stayed home. Those days were far and few in between, knowing full well that kicking myself in the butt to go see Becca and her infectious smile and laughter would get my day started on the right foot. 

Not only has Rebecca been an important part of my recovery from mental illness, she has helped me physically as well. Our short workout sessions were intense and efficient. No time was ever wasted! I trimmed down and bulked up nicely very fast. I give her loving threats of more jump squats and her sunny disposition equal amounts of credit for the physical and mental shape I'm currently in.

Treat yourself, and get Cronk'd!

~ Marie-Julie Cosenzo

********check out Marie-Julie's blog on living with mental illness (https://mariejuliesptsd.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/how-are-you-comment-ca-va/).


I’ve been training with Rebecca for the past year and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

When I started personal training, my second son was five months old and colicky and I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. Although I had exercised regularly during pregnancy, I hadn’t done strength training in years. Being on maternity leave and struggling with my mental health meant that I needed a personal trainer to motivate me to show up and focus on myself twice a week.

One year later I am doing very well. My goals when I started were to show up to my sessions and get fit. I hadn’t really set a goal for weight loss and I wasn’t dieting, just eating healthy foods and taking care of myself. Rebecca worked with me twice a week for 30 minute sessions. The results are pretty amazing. I have lost twenty pounds and my body is looking fit. I enjoyed a lot of compliments when I returned to work!

Rebecca is such a positive person and has great energy. She asks about how I’m doing, genuinely gets to know me, and she’s able to tailor my workout to meet my energy levels (high or low) so that I get the best workout possible. I look forward to my sessions and I’m impressed at how she is able to challenge me without scaring me off. She is very knowledgeable and creative with her workout routines, making each session different so that I don’t get bored. She’s constantly learning more about her field and I feel really lucky to be benefiting from her expertise.

~ Erin Mogg

The thing that makes going to the gym even better for me was the opportunity to work with Rebecca Cronk for my personal training. She's friendly, understanding, professional and knowledgeable. Rebecca always greets you with a warm smile and takes her time to understand your needs and goals. Don't be fooled by that smile though, she can and will push you really hard! Which is exactly what I was looking for. She helped me wake up from a long funk of laziness and mental blocks and taught me several new techniques and form. Rebecca is committed to your success and takes her job very seriously. If you are serious about your fitness journey and want someone to help you along the way, look no further – sign up with Rebecca and trust her to kick you back on track! All you have to do is show up and do as she says!

~ Matt Kirubakaran

My trainer had a medical injury and I was lucky enough to find Rebecca to take his place. I was apprehensive at first as I am not the best client a trainer could have. Have no problem with working out but not good on the diet part. Rebecca took over the programming and made it an easy transition for me. She is knowledgeable and was able to carry on as if I was training with her all along. She makes every session enjoyable and energetic. It is always something different and demanding. I can tell that she is working on a different part of the body with every session and that I will feel it the next day. By changing up the workout it makes it interesting every week and that all of my body is getting the attention it needs. Rebecca is always asking how you feel and what you would like to see happen with you. I have only been with her for two months now but have seen progress in my fitness and wellbeing. Her willingness to listen and try new things with me will surely make me a more physically fit person. I am very happy with Rebecca and she has helped me progress towards my goal of being physically fit. I would recommend her if you are looking for a personal trainer to get you motivated and fit without feeling that it is a chore. Rebecca is always cheerful, full of energy, and willing to work with you towards your goals and success!

~ Albert Schoonderbeek

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COURAGE is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of SUCCESS!


My name is Savannah and over the last year and a half I have lost 50 lbs! I started my journey not knowing where it would take me. I was 230 lbs in December 2014 and the only goal I had in mind was to start feeling better about myself. I had a lot of things going on in my life and needed an outlet, so I simply just started running on the treadmill everyday. I made my own interval schedule to do for 25 minutes. I started with walking for longer lengths of time and slowly working towards being able to sprint longer distances. I found this increased the intensity and made me feel like I was getting the most out of my workout. I have done workout programs before and lost a lot of weight, but the minute I stopped doing them, all the weight came back. That is why this time, I started to use MyFitnessPal to help with tracking my food. To this day (with a few days missed here and there) I enter what I eat into this App as it helps me become aware and accountable of what I was eating. I really started to notice the change once I paired eating right and working out together. In June 2015, I had lost a total of 20 lbs, was now 210 lbs and very proud of myself. But I felt like I was at a standstill and didn't know what steps to take next to get even healthier. I didn't want to lose all the progress I had made, so I contacted the one person who I knew understood fitness---Rebecca! She set me up with a fitness test to get a baseline of where I was, and made an individual weight training program to help me start toning. Every 2 months, she would send me a new one so I wasn't ever getting bored with working out. She also adapted the workouts to suit me and the injuries I had endured from other sports. I told her I liked having 3 days of the week dedicated to weight training so she made her programs very intense but highly enjoyable. I am still working on my eating habits as they are not perfect, but whenever I ask for suggestions, she is always able to explain healthy alternatives. Keep in mind that Rebecca and I live hours apart, and she was still able to make me feel like I had my own personal trainer! She has me send her monthly measurements and pictures so I never get off track. It is now September 2016 and I am 180 lbs! I still have lots of hard work to do, but Rebecca will definitely be helping me get Cronk'd! 

~ Savannah C.

I first started training with Rebecca one year ago when I was looking for a personal trainer to teach me how to work out without hurting myself and help me push my limits. Having had a trainer previously, my first session with Rebecca struck me as different, and that was only the beginning. The moves she was getting me to do were small yet very effective. I quickly saw that Rebecca understood the human body and was thus able to devise a training plan that would target specific muscle groups, in line with my training objectives. Over the year I trained with Rebecca, she further demonstrated her knowledge of the human body by adapting the routine to my personal needs over time. I can now happily say that I am stronger, have much better balance, have fixed some issues and have seen a definite change in targeted areas. I also have more confidence as I now know that I can trust my body both when exercising and in my everyday life! 

 In addition to seeing a change in my body, I experienced a change in how I understood my body. Never shy to share her knowledge and answer my questions, Rebecca helped me understand my weaknesses (who knew back pain is actually the result of weak core muscles…not me!), and why some movements were more appropriate for me than others. I always knew why we were doing a movement and which muscle group we were targeting. She was also able to provide advice on meal plans and overall lifestyle changes. My main goal when hiring a personal trainer was to learn, and I can say that I learned more than I ever thought I would! 

 Finally, I think it is important to mention Rebecca’s great personality. We all know that training can be a challenge and we would sometimes wish we could be doing something else instead. The person that helps us train is key to progress and continued efforts over time. Rebecca’s bubbly personality and friendliness were definitely a plus, and was often something I would look forward to before my sessions. I knew that while I was going to sweat and push my body, there would be someone there to push me and encourage me through it all. I knew she would push my limits but always listen to me. I also knew that she would welcome me with a smile and would take me just the way I am, with my chatty moments and my quieter times. 

Overall, as I’m sure is apparent throughout my letter, I have been very satisfied with my training sessions and would definitely recommend Rebecca as a personal trainer.
~ Marie-Pier Charette

I’ve never liked working out. Going to the gym always felt like such a daunting task and I never really knew what types of exercises I should be doing. I felt like I was getting into a rut of laziness and I knew I wanted a change. That’s when I started seeing Rebecca for personal training. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew I needed someone to give me that extra push to get into a routine of working out. 

I’ve been training with Rebecca for about a year and I can honestly say that I enjoy working out. She kicks my butt and is always looking for ways to push me to become stronger, but she does it all with a huge smile on her face. I feel like I am working out with a friend. I can always count on her for constant encouragement and motivation. She also gives me great tips when it comes to nutrition. She gives me suggestions on healthy meal options and is always checking in to make sure I am on track. 

After a year of training with Rebecca I feel stronger and have more self-confidence. You can tell she takes pride in the accomplishments her clients make and she will go above and beyond to be that motivator they need. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer!

~ Meg LaPlante

The gym has always felt like a scary and intimidating place. I never knew what exercises to do or what would work well with my strengths or weaknesses. This last time I decided that the best thing to do was to get a personal trainer that would be able to guide me in a direction that would be good for me and that would not hurt me.

Meeting and working with Rebecca is the best thing that could have happened to me. As a matter of fact, I fell in love with her so much that I quickly made sure that my husband and my 13 year old daughter were working with her as well. Rebecca certainly knows what she is doing, but it is her personality and encouragement that kept us going. She was able to personalize each movement for all of us to work within our ability and injuries and to help us maximize the benefit.

Those training sessions were hard and painful. She would push us to the limits but also encourage us along the way. It is the first time that I could say I went to the gym and worked out until I was ready to drop, but still have a smile on my face. She was fantastic at working with our daughter, helping her not only to boost her self image but also empowering her to take control of her workout routines. 
Training with Rebecca is the best decision I could have made. She is not only a fantastic trainer, but has also become a treasured friend.

~ Blanca W.